zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Long Marchers Unite!

LongmarchSinds enige jaren volg ik het 'Long March Project'. Het betreft een artistiek project, dat in 1999 is geïnitieerd door Chinese kunstenaars. Het LMP neemt deel aan de Biennale in Sydney. Hieronder een (door mij ingekort stukje) uit de intentieverklaring.

'Long March Project will participate with an online presence featuring a new interactive project created specifically for this exhibition entitled: Long Marchers of the World – Unite!

Long Marchers of the World – Unite! encapsulates the revolutionary spirit of the ongoing international journey of the Long March Project. Initiated in 1999, the Long March Project is a complex, multi-platform, international arts organization and ongoing art project with headquarters in the 798 Art District of Beijing. Taking its name from the legacy of China’s historical Long March (1934-36), its artistic foundational aim is to discursively provoke the revolutionary memory and spirit that drove the original Long Marchers forward in their physical and ideological march for survival.

From its conception, the Long March Project has played a major influential role in the evolution of Chinese contemporary art. Starting with Long March Project – A Walking Visual Display in 2002, which applied a grassroots approach to practicing, curating and viewing contemporary art, to the establishment of Long March Space in 2003, the Long March Project is indeed a “form that turns”. Today, it is at once a curatorial lab; a publishing house; an artistic collection; a meeting place; a gallery space; a consultancy; a commissioning and production atelier; an artistic facilitator; and author which continues to examine the role of historical consciousness and cultural memory in the interpretation of where we have departed and how we have arrived.

Long Marchers of the World – Unite! will be a platform for the public to join in the revolutionary spirit of the Long March Project. It will provide future Long Marchers with information on the background, activities and aims of our ongoing provocative activities at home and abroad, by inviting and publishing opinions on the concepts of revolution today and visitors’ perceptions and understanding of the ‘Long March’.'

Long March Space

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