donderdag 12 juni 2008

Almere: matrix for a metropolis

2431504084_21333524f8_oHet masterplan van Rem Koolhaas' Office for Metropolitan Architecture en het scenario van Maike van Stiphout's DS Architekten voor de publieke ruimte, liggen ten grondslag aan de structuur en het smoel van Almere's nieuwe stadshart. Voor het blad 'scape ('The international magazine for landscape architecture and urbanism') schreef ik een recensie. Hieronder mijn slotconclusie.

A city cannot be made; it comes into being. The current genius loci of the almost completed heart seem to have developed from several starting points: a municipality authority dreams of a metropolis with a prestigious artistic and cultural climate; the citizen wants green areas & discos, Woolworths & hamburgers, cars & cycles. It seems as if OMA and DS have pleased everyone for the time being. But there is a point of no return: OMA's vertical structure and DS's granite cover have now been attached permanently. Yet matrix and scenario both offer sufficient scope for future choices, adaptations and changes. Only the future will show whether Almere's quality leap will lead to a higher cultural level or to even more fast-food restaurants.

Mijn Almere-foto's

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